Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dun Dun Dun! The construction begins!!

Wow, what a week! And it just zoomed right past!! I have several 'must do' projects before we go to Pittsburg and getting this room done is #1! I'll be working on house clean up tomorrow as I axiously await my Scentsy order from my dear friend Lesley! (shoot me a comment, I'll send you her website. She rocks!) I've really let this place go to crap as I finished these last two weeks in school. Now that I have the week off, I'm going to get this place back in order and ORGANIZED. Y'all know me and my incessant organization... I have a 6 inch thick pile of papers to be filed.. this must be done before I loose my mind! Here's what Parker's room looks like right now:

These are the colors as they will be. The white is the woodwork, a semigloss, this will also be the clouds in the sky over the blue. That's the ceiling. And the "Aged Parchement" is the walls. Its a very pretty LIGHT creamy brown. I'm tempted to go a shade lighter than that, but wanted the room to be 'warm'

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