Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dun Dun Dun! The construction begins!!

Wow, what a week! And it just zoomed right past!! I have several 'must do' projects before we go to Pittsburg and getting this room done is #1! I'll be working on house clean up tomorrow as I axiously await my Scentsy order from my dear friend Lesley! (shoot me a comment, I'll send you her website. She rocks!) I've really let this place go to crap as I finished these last two weeks in school. Now that I have the week off, I'm going to get this place back in order and ORGANIZED. Y'all know me and my incessant organization... I have a 6 inch thick pile of papers to be filed.. this must be done before I loose my mind! Here's what Parker's room looks like right now:

These are the colors as they will be. The white is the woodwork, a semigloss, this will also be the clouds in the sky over the blue. That's the ceiling. And the "Aged Parchement" is the walls. Its a very pretty LIGHT creamy brown. I'm tempted to go a shade lighter than that, but wanted the room to be 'warm'

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Parker Room Pictures

Some more preview pictures :) The Green Wall is what I'll be working on today. His floor screen is acting as a 'containment' for his toys right now!

And Preview of what his room will look like from the door. I set it up to see how I would like it :) And I do!!!

Parker's Room-- IT BEGINS!!!

So, I got a bug up my shorts yesterday and decided this was it. I'm starting on Parker's room regardless of if the other rooms are done. Personally, I think he has priority ;) So, I will be creating an abaitment enclosure later today within his room to start on his West wall, which is the worst shape. Stay with us... this is going to be aweseom :) The pictures are what's done so far... Including Painting of the milk crates which are ultimately toy storage. I bought the first of the citrus trees, there will ultimately be a 'grove' of dwarf citrus. His room has THE BEST light in the house. I've grown many things in there :) And even gave the hallway some love!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're going to Denver!!!

So, I should probably blog about this... and keep you abreast of what's going on :)

In Denver, is National Jewish Health which happens to be the #1 pulmonary hospital in the NATION. And they want to see Parker. As is the tune of no one has any clue what's going on with him, they want to figure it out! So, we are going out there for a two week (or more!) diagnostic adventure at the beginning of October. Right now, I just got a call back from the Coordinator and they are sending his file from the main team (which they accepted him) to the Pulmonary department (kids, that is) where they have an intense review of what the heck could be going on with Parker! In this time, they will go though his chart and decide which diagnostic treatments they are going to do, and how long we are really going to be there. So, that's what's going on now :)

On our end, I'm waiting for my Felt to get here so we can start Parker's felt book for our trip!! That should be fun. I'm also gathering all the medical records and having them sent out there. Oh so much to do...