Sunday, October 16, 2011

Le Photo Bomb #2!

 Hanging out with Uncle Ben after his graduation

 Met his Mammo (who he calls 'nemo')

 He decided this was the most effective way of getting around the hotel ;)

And Mommy's most effective way to keep Parker occupied.  It lasted for more than 100 miles on and off!!!
 The Paint needed to be stacked ;)
The column needed to be painted!  He did a pretty good job, but needs some work.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Le Photo Bomb #1

Well, here's a WHOLE SLEW of pictures from my "Colors of Fall" collection

Monday, October 3, 2011


And boy are we EXHAUSTED!! Parker has been sleeping 12-14 hours overnight and 3-4 hour naps!! He also lost out on a good deal off sleep with this crazy virus he had. Beyond that, it was a GREAT trip!! We miss Uncle Ben very much, but our life doesn't stop!! We're onto working and finishing up the porch, but for my own sanity, I'm only devoting 3-4 hours a day. Beyond that, I'm spent.

Few other projects that I have going on this month:

Starting to dye the pompons for Parker's rug
Contemplating how to assemble said rug

Also contemplating how to organize and move Parker TOTALLY out of his room after we finish the downstairs and porch. After that, everyone moves UPSTAIRS to do Parker's room!!! Our goal- Have it done by his birthday. This will be a PUSH. I'm hoping for it to atleast be painted by then, to be honest. All the other 'adornments' and decor can be added at a later time and as we go.

Need to MAKE PJs for me and Parker. We are both so leggy that it's hard to find things that FIT just right. At the very least, I need 2-3 pair that are appropriate for 'society' ;) It's good to have comfy days, even at Target!

Get back to Weighted Blankets. Zach is first up! Who's next beyond that?

Finish French and Diplomacy classes.

Think about Christmas. Get decor out once we get the rooms done!!! Ben is coming, Beka's Graduating, Thomas will show up-- I'm sure, and we are going to have a BLAST! I'm baking my first cookies tomorrow that are a rum raisen :) YUMMY!

How is this going to happen? SCHEDULING!!!

We typically get up, get meds and treatments.
--- During this time, I make breakfast and get dressed myself.
We eat and get Parker dressed and ready to go
Then we'll clean up and get our schedule for the day.
(this slot is usually when we have therapy or go to Target... Which I still consider therapy ;) )
Snack and TV show/free play for Parker (sometimes more meds)
--- this is where I'll do a craft for me like cut the fabric for crafting later on, or assemble our craft for later in the day, or do general house cleaning (if he's doing really well this will last until lunch time)
LUNCH, Meds, Nap.
--- I usually jump on this time like a HAWK! This is MY time. I start off with school work and try to knock out 1-2 assignments a day. Afterwards I'll craft, though lately I've been doing the house repairs that need to be done. Today I spent about 3 hours painting and priming the porch. I'll do this again tomorrow also.
When he gets up, it's typically almost dinner time. We'll do our craft for the day, or run errands we need to get done. Afterwards, we'll make dinner together. Eat, and SOMETIMES we'll make dessert! He loves to help make things :) I've considered making a cook book for kids :)
After that, we'll snuggle in for some mom/parker time or playtime in his room. Followed by getting ready for bed, therapy, meds, and sleepy time!!!
-- Sometimes, depending on how spent or awake I am, I'll finish what I started earlier. Be-it, crafting or school work.

But tonight, I'm DONE. Goodnight world :) Picture BOMB tomorrow!!!