Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spraying Paint??

So, on Wednesdays, Parker gets play therapy and breakfast with his visitor- Judy. Judy is like my second mom at this point. Her oldest son is my age, and she 'gets it' with the stresses of being a young parent (she was, but married). She has so many great ideas about crafts and interactions, and just how to chill too! She keeps telling me I need a vacation, and ya know, if SSI ever comes in, I just might take that cruise I needed to!!!

But today Judy came and we had cereal and bananas outside at the picnic table. Parker LOVES bananas and is learning how to peel them. And then she said we were going to try painting. OK, I thought... How's this going to go over with him and his not wanting to touch anything messy. She had some ideas!! First, she watered down paint and put it in a spray bottle. We know from previous times of cleaning windows and using air freshner (no, not using, dousing EVERYTHING in air freshner!!!) that Parker is good at this!!! And he is!!! She also did bring brushes and he did very well with those too. This is what transpired. Tomorrow, I'll post on how to put up a revolving art display!!!

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