Thursday, June 2, 2011

Productivity :)

I LOVE lists :) They are what keeps me on track through the day. There was just one thing left on my list, and it'll have to wait for a rainy or another chilly day. Today was chilly (58-62) all day, so we stayed inside. Ran errands most of the morning, and got lots accomplished!!! We also got our new GroVia's in the mail today as well as our GroVia TESTER!!! I'm so excited about it :) I'll stock on this one! I have SOME reservation, but when we are able to talk, I'll give you my full run down! Rented "Baby Signing Time" from the Library as well as a kid's cookbook! Tomorrow it will be very warm (high 80s) and I plan on making a few loaves of bread with kiddo. These pictures were from making biscuits a few weekends ago. Kiddo LOVED it. He's so funny when we bake. No matter what it is, when I put it on the cookie sheet or before he puts it on the cookie sheet, he MUST take a bite from every single thing!!

Tomorrow we have a DR appointment in the morning (Kind of a well child check and recap of the month, but there are some minor things to discuss and get an action plan), and will try to play for the remainder of the day. I will be setting up his new sand and water table tomorrow. Still trying to keep an eye out for a kids umbrella set or some kind of shade/shelter that's collapsible. Anyone have any thoughts?

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