Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Alright, I started this blog awhile ago and just now have the time and ability to get it back up and running. I have a few goals in writing this blog-

1) Encourage parents to include their kids in EVERYTHING! From cooking to cleaning, to gardening, to organizing. How can we expect our children to learn these valuable life lessons unless we encourage them to practice them on a daily basis!!

2) Share Recipes. As most know, I"m a former professional chef. While I'm going back to school to be a teacher, that doesn't mean my love for creating recipes and inspiring people to go further with food is lost!!! In fact, I think it's only enhanced because I'm cooking for me, and by extention, FOR YOU!

3) Be real. I have so many freaking hats. Some days are great, others not so much. But I'm a part of a tight-knit group of women who share a common thread- We're Preemie Moms :) With that being said, there may be posts about hospitalization, there will probably be post about DR appointments and therapy. Frustrations with Insurance companies and lacking development.

But, I'm a mom. Moms talk about their kids--ALOT. And Parker is the ultimate reason I'm writing this. I hope that in following us, you'll be able to get to know us more, and be encouraged to be a better parent and even teach me a thing or two as you comment on our days :) Take care! We'll see you soon!!!

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